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The Key To Great Looking Walls

There are generally two ways of sprucing up interior walls; giving them a coat of paint or pasting a wall covering on them. Keeping painted walls clean can be a bit of a nightmare, depending on the kind of paint used. Matte finishes of light colours can be problematic to keep stain free especially in high traffic area of your commercial space. However Most wall coverings can, by contrast, be cleaned with light dusting or wiping with a damp cloth. There is also the benefit of ease of installation. Wall coverings are generally easy to put in place. Among the other benefits wall coverings offer is potential cost savings. Experts say that though the initial cost may appear high, good quality wall coverings guarantee savings in the long run. They last longer as they are easy to maintain and keep clean. By contrast, paint will generally start giving you problems a lot sooner!

Another advantage wall coverings offer over paint is that you can add intricate design patterns to your space,as opposed to the one or two colours a paint job will offer. There thousands of designs to choose from to match your personal taste and what will appeal to your customers. Whether you want a nature-themed pattern or a less busy design to enhance the feeling of space in a room, you will find what you’re looking for. There are even vendors who offer the option of customised designs so you can achieve exactly the effect you desire. And besides being able to choose your preferred design, you can choose from a range of materials to have your wallpaper done in. Apart from the more common vinyl, you can have your wall coverings made from more luxurious materials such as leather, wood, or even silk. If you approach the right vendors they can even embed crystals or beads in your paper for that added bit of glitz. Scented wallpaper is another unique option coming into the market that gives the room a subtle jasmine or lavender fragrance. MIO Culture ( offers a range of innovative wallpaper designs that bring walls to life with sophisticated shapes and rich textures. Their offerings are ideal for creating the perfect ambiance in a restaurant or bart. You are bound to find something that will suit your purpose and budget as you browse their range of 3D paper tiles. These can be customised by being rotated to the desired angle and choosing from a variety of colours. You can install these tiles temporarily with double-sided tape and if you like the effect, you can install them permanently using wallpaper paste.

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