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The "Comeback King" of 2017?

Updated: May 8, 2020

Watch this space but CORK could be a making a comeback in 2017. Until now we have shied away from this eco - friendly material (throwbacks to the cork board in your bedroom or kitchen may be to blame & understandably mean cork is not the first material we are thinking of when we are imagining stylish interiors) but we have news for you, cork is just about to come into it's own!

And what is not to love?

As a renewable source, it appeals to our environmental consciousness, it is reasonably priced and it looks great too! It's also practical, for a Restaurant or Bar it works as a great noise absorber. Very durable, this material is not only stylish but practical; entire walls, flooring or accessories... the possibilities are endless... so forget pin boards and start thinking style!

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